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Anne Paul Brinkman launched in 2003 his selection of exclusive designs for fabrics. His source of inspiration is a blend of architecture, fine art and antiques.

Before designing these fabrics, Brinkman made an extensive study of texture and technique of antique textiles in order to arrive at new designs rooted in age-old traditions and craftsmanship.

The Brinkman’s fabric Collection is woven in Italy by a very traditional company which is specialized in jacquard and lampas techniques. To achieve the best possible cloth we use high quality fibres such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. The natural fibres dye beautifully. The softness and shine of the silk accentuate the design, the movement and crispness of the linen and cotton for a nonchalant look for the back of the fabric. The wool gives a warm and sturdy touch, especially to be used for upholstery.

The colours selected for the Collection are carefully chosen to create a perfect union. From soft, sensual ton sur ton combinations to strong, bold contrasting colours.

Due to their quality, construction and design this original Collection can not be labelled traditional, modern or minimalist. Probably the most satisfying characterisation is cosmopolitan. Their unique character and visual diversity link the present with the past and point the way to the future.


  APOLLO, FB1091


 Pillow:   MONOGRAM, FB1051


Background:     ALLOVER, FB1042




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